Make sure you recycle your solid carbide tools. It is both environmentally sound and profitable. We all come out winners when worn-out tools are kept out of landfills and junkyards.

Our customers, can make tens of thousands of Euro annually in profit by selling us their worn inserts and round tools. Regardless of origin, we purchase them from you at the going market price. Through strategic partnerships Flatley Engineering are able to offer a full Carbide Recycling Service – you let us know your requirement and we will take care of the rest.

Saving Energy

Making new tools from recycled solid carbide requires 70 percent less energy than making them from virgin raw materials. Production from recycled materials means 40 percent less carbon dioxide is emitted. Furthermore, recycling is necessary because in the long run our raw materials are scarce and finite. Estimated reserves of tungsten, for example, are around 7 million tonnes, or 100 years of consumption. Why mine unnecessarily?

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