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FlatleyOSG & Sandvik Coromant proud to support Éirspace

FlatleyOSG Assistant General Manager, Jason Beirne, with the Éirspace team.


FlatleyOSG, in co-operation with our long-term partner Sandvik Coromant, are proud to support Éirspace – a non-profit organisation run by Trinity College Dublin students looking to equip other students enrolled in universities across Ireland with experience and knowledge in rocketry and aerospace technology.

According to, there are currently only two universities in Ireland that provide level 8 courses in aerospace engineering, out of the 1612 level 8 courses available in Ireland.

Éirspace believes that in the modern age of spaceflight, this needs to change as Irish engineering graduates are not empowered to avail of the emerging jobs across Europe within the aerospace industry.

FlatleyOSG and Sandvik Coromant know from experience that Irish engineers are at the cutting edge of technological advancements across the globe and echo the belief that further sponsorship and support of this spirit of innovation is crucial to #shapingyourdreams.

Precision Coolant Tools for All Turning Applications

Lower cost per component and longer unmanned machining

With through-tool delivery of precision over and under coolant, the new holders increase tool life and productivity for ISO S, M & P workpiece materials.

Precision coolant is especially efficient for difficult-to-machine materials that generate high heat, protecting the tool from excessive wear and prolonging green light machining. Integrated under coolant boosts tool life by 20% or more which significantly reduces tool cost per component.

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HY-PRO Milling & Drilling – Sterling

HY-PRO Milling & Drilling Volume 4 (£)

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As a leading company in the cutting tool industry OSG have been supplying the manufacturing sector in Ireland and the UK for over 25 years, offering some of the most innovative and cost-effective tooling solutions available.

Now as part of our ongoing commitment to our customers, OSG is proud to announce the completion of our new manufacturing facility in the UK and further investment at our plant in Dublin for the production of carbide endmills and drills, many of which are included in this catalogue.

Our highly trained engineers are committed to producing the highest quality products using the most advanced machinery available, continuously refining our cutting tool technology, and improving product quality to help reduce the cost to our customers.

Indeed, we actively encourage a close working relationship with our end-user customers. This enables us not only to understand their present-day needs but also allows us to be in a position to respond to their needs as they evolve.


Flatley Engineering explore Corocut Parting & Grooving Solutions

If you are interested in increasing Productivity and Longer Tool Life take a minute  to read on to understand Corocut………


Flatley Engineering encourage all its customers to “Make the Switch” – to a Sandvik Coromant CoroCut®QD or CoroCut®1-2 Parting and Grooving systems.


CoroCut®QD redefines traditional performance standards for parting and grooving applications. When you need to machine deep grooves or part off in long overhangs, CoroCut® QD is the safest choice. All tools have over- and under coolant for best performance and chip control. Add the support from plug and play coolant adapters and a stable, user-friendly clamping mechanism and you get CoroCut® QD  —a system to rely on.

QD Explore its potential1

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CoroCut 1-2 ensures truly secure and efficient machining with easily connected over- and under-coolant on all tools and together with an extremely rigid spring clamping mechanism. The system covers all parting and grooving applications in most materials, from standardised grooves to parting off and profiling in heat resistant super alloys.




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The Importance of COOLANT – The use of coolant and lubrication has a large impact on process security in parting and grooving. If applied right, it reduces temperature at the cutting zone and improves chip evacuation.

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In support of CoroCut®QD and CoroCut®1-2 systems – the most reliable systems in the market, Flatley Engineering are more than delighted to highlight “A better tool for a better job”.




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Flatley Engineering highlight Sandvik Coromant 390 range

Flatley Engineering are delighted to highlight Sandvik Coromant’s wide range of milling solutions focusing on this occasion on their exciting CoroMill® 390 range.

Sandvik CoromantVersatile milling in focus

The new CoroMill 390 end mill with size 07 inserts combines all of our milling expertise into one versatile milling tool.  Thanks to the small inserts, a higher cutter-teeth density delivers superior productivity.  Combine with the insert grade GC1130, produced with Zertivo technology, for an added dimension of security and predictability to your steel milling operation.

Check out  – Zertivo™ technology 

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Zoller Genius 3S enhances process at Flatley Engineering


Zoller Genius 3S enhances tool measuring routines at Flatley Engineering

Cutting tool manufacturer Flatley Engineering, which is part of the global OSG group of companies, is leveraging the technical capabilities of a Zoller Genius 3S universal tool measuring machine to help the business provide fully certified and traceable tools to its customers. Meticulous and comprehensive inspection is a key part of business as it allows the company to maintain the most complex of tool geometries and thus ensure design integrity across the entire manufacturing process. Along with a CNC control unit and camera, the Genius 3S features Zoller’s renowned Pilot image processing software. The machine also offers auto-focus capabilities, as well as a rotary encoder and Zoller’s Ace high precision spindle complete with power-operated clamping and braking. Designed as a robust unit that is able to withstand use in shop floor environments, the Genius 3S also provides inherently high levels of ergonomics and versatility, typically through modular set-up capabilities. What’s more, users can enjoy a measuring range of 600 by 175 by 100mm in the Z-, X- and Y-axis respectively, while the maximum diameter capacity is 340mm. Features favoured by Flatley Engineering include the ability of the Zoller machine to create and save electronic QC records, generate reports and, importantly, ease of use, which is facilitated in the main by Zoller’s Pilot 3.0 software. Although Zoller provides full training, learning how to use the machine is straightforward, ensuring that not just metrology lab personnel but grinding machine operatives are able to use the machine for first-off, in-process and final inspection routines on a daily basis. “Where Zoller is concerned, we see them as a very important link in continuing to deliver precision-manufactured tools to our end users,” concludes Mr O’Regan. “In short, the Zoller Genius is undoubtedly playing a big part as we move forward to new horizons.”

(Excerpts from Zoller UK Case Study)


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Wishing you and yours and very Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

We would like to thank all our clients for your continued support and working with us throughout the year. We greatly appreciate your custom and look forward to working together in 2016.

Wishing you and yours and very Merry Christmas and happy New Year!